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Greetings from Admas Radio!

  • This Year's CNN hero, Alfa Demellash, will appear on Admas radio this Saturday !!!

  • Artist Tilahun Gugsa, a known Ethiopian play writer and an Actor, will also be our guest.

  • Many of us followed Michael Jackson's memorial ceremony on TV.  ADMAS RADIO invites an Ethiopian who was sitting on the VIP seat during the memorial service. He will tell us what he saw and his relationship with Michael Jackson.
  • Teen pregnancy and raising a child is also one of our sceduled discusstion topic.

  • An Ethiopian man found dead after drowning in a pool. His families are asking for help to send his body back home, they will also be on Admas radio this Saturday.

  • More latest news, world wide weather forcast, sport news and best music .. all in one package!

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